FLASH SALE 20% OFF: Shoulder Roasts, Shoulder Steaks, & Blade Chops

FLASH SALE 20% OFF: Shoulder Roasts, Shoulder Steaks, & Blade Chops

Lamb Shoulder Cuts are Underrated & More Economical

Leg of lamb and lamb chops are the most popular cuts of lamb, but our favorites are lamb shoulder roasts, shoulder steaks, and blade chops. These cuts have a bit more fat and so are very flavorful and tender, especially when slow cooked.

But, in our opinion, there is nothing better than a nicely grilled shoulder steak or pulled smoked shoulder. Enjoy the warmer weather coming our way by dusting off your grill or smoker and give lamb shoulder steaks or a smoked shoulder roast a try.

Here are a few slow cooked, grilled, and smoked lamb recipes that use shoulder cuts:

Slow Cooker Lamb Curry – From the Modern Proper via the American Lamb Board.  This curry lamb can be made in a crock pot before heading off to work. Come home to the heady aroma of cumin, turmeric, and cinnamon and enjoy a home cooked meal without all the fuss.

Smoked Lamb ShoulderFrom Vindulge. This article provides the basic in how to smoke a lamb shoulder and then has some suggestions for using leftovers. Fair warning, don’t count on left overs!

Slowly Braised Ragu with Gnocchi From Plays Well With Butter via the American Lamb Board. Go Italian with this traditional Ragu — browned lamb, caramelized onions, red wine, tomatoes, and garlic, slowly braised in a dutch oven.

Braised Shoulder Chops From All Recipes by Kalphen. Simple recipe with the onion, rosemary, and garlic. Slow cooked in the oven, then use the drippings to make a savory gravy, for a fall-off the bone tender and satisfying meal.

Herb Butter American Lamb Steaks From Over the Fire Cooking via the American Lamb Board. “Herb”, “Butter”, “Steaks”… need we say more?


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FLASH SALE: 20% OFF Lamb Shoulder Roasts, Shoulder Steaks, and Blade Chops!