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Preorder a Whole Roaster for Easter or Other Special Occasion

Preorder a Whole Roaster for Easter or Other Special Occasion

For those of you with a family tradition of lamb for Easter or other holidays, consider a whole roaster from our farm. After you preorder, we will take a lamb to a USDA processor and deliver it to you just in time for your celebrations. You will need to preorder by St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday March 17, 2019 for delivery prior to Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019.

Roasting a whole lamb for Easter is popular in Greek families. But, if you have a backyard bbq spit, you might try making this a tasty spring-time tradition as well. Here is an article on How to Roast a Whole Lamb on a Spit form Spruce Eats. There are several helpful videos at the end of the article.

Preorder for Easter! Corn and Grass-fed, Whole Roaster-sized Lamb, $12.95 per pound, Average Size 18 Pounds in a Vacuum-sealed Package

Let us know if you’re looking for a special size, age, or weight for your lamb. If you are looking for Halal or Kosher lamb, we can also deliver to a processor of your choice. We try to accommodate special requests.