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Find out how we operate at our farm

Our farm is split into several pastures, four on the East side of the road about 6-9 acres each. We are installing fence on the recently-purchased property on the West side of the road to split it up in to pastures as well. The goal is to rotationally graze in small mobs to make the best use of our forage. All the pastures are planted in grass or a grass legume mix including several grasses, clover, bird’s foot trefoil, and alfalfa.

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Our Ewes

Our ewes are mostly Katahdin, but have a bit of Dorper in them too. Both breeds are hair sheep, which do not grow wool. So, our sheep do not need to be sheared as they shed instead. They have a wide range of coloring such as solid white, solid black, black & white, and brown & white.

The Best Recipes

The best recipes start with the best ingredients. Our lamb is grass-fed and either grass-finished or grain finish. Grass-finished meat is lean and healthy, full of rich nutrients, such as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Our lambs go to the processor while they’re are almost full grown but still young enough that their meat is tender and mild. Lamb is fresh tasting with a heartier flavor when compared to beef. There are some people who don’t like the taste, but there are just as many who enjoy it immensely.

Our Farm

Michael and Teresa Miller established Misty Lane Farms in 2010 in Stockbridge, Michigan, with just 37 acres, five initial ewes, and one registered ram. Through breeding and a few small purchases, we’ve now grown to more than 220 ewes. We’ve also teamed up with a friend, Michael Viebrock who purchased an additional 89 acres across the road from our farm in 2016. Together we plan to continue to grow the flock, rotationally graze early spring through late fall, and purchase hay from local farmers for winter feed.

Celebrate Spring with Misty Lane Lamb!

Celebrate Spring with Misty Lane Lamb!

Easter Celebrations and Smoking Adventures Celebrate Spring Spring has sprung! And, this year we might have more reason to celebrate spring than usual. If you’re lucky, some of you may already have finished your vaccination schedule for Covid19 and are looking forward to getting together with your loved ones this Easter. And, one of the

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Follow Us & Subscribe on YouTube

Follow Us & Subscribe on YouTube

Subscribe on YouTube to Misty Lane Farm We currently have a handful of videos on YouTube and will be adding more as time goes on. Subscribe on YouTube to watch videos of our always active rams, ewes on pasture, lambs playing in the outdoor winter paddock, and the ever popular baby lamb races! Like &

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Enjoy Lamb for a Romantic Meal on Valentine’s Day

Enjoy Lamb for a Romantic Meal on Valentine’s Day

February is Lamb Lover’s Month FREE Recipe Booklet with Your Order During the Month of February While restaurants in Michigan may be opening at 25% capacity by Valentine’s Day, you may still want to stay in and enjoy a romantic dinner at home with the one you love. Lamb may be just the new taste

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Stay up-to-date on our farm happenings and learn when we have lamb available to order. We usually have whole or half lambs available for purchase just before Easter or Passover in the spring and just before Eid in the summer. And, now we have retail cuts of lamb available all year round!
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