Celebrate Spring with Misty Lane Lamb!

Celebrate Spring with Misty Lane Lamb!

Easter Celebrations and Smoking Adventures

Celebrate Spring

Spring has sprung! And, this year we might have more reason to celebrate spring than usual. If you’re lucky, some of you may already have finished your vaccination schedule for Covid19 and are looking forward to getting together with your loved ones this Easter. And, one of the go-to center pieces for Easter Celebrations is a leg of lamb. Order by March 29 for delivery before Easter.

Try Misty Lane’s Boneless Leg of Lamb for your upcoming Easter! Here’s a recipe that’s simple and uses a Boneless Leg of Lamb like ours, which is already trimmed, rolled, and tied: ROASTED BONELESS LEG OF LAMB. Or, if you’re not having a large get together for your Easter, you can still celebrate spring and enjoy grilled French Cut Lamb Chops (lamb lollies), GRILLED LAMB CHOPS.

Smoked Lamb

Once the weather turns nice outside, we enjoy smoking lamb. Smoked lamb has a unique, rich and earthly flavor. If you’re feeling adventurous, here’s a smoked Boneless Leg of Lamb recipe that uses olive wood briquets: SMOKED LEG OF LAMB. Another favorite cut of meat to smoke is a Lamb Shoulder Roast, SMOKED LAMB SHOULDER ROAST. We’re especially looking forward to trying Michigan smoked lamb shoulder, pulled with Carolina mustard BBQ sauce in this recipe this spring, SMOKED LAMB SLIDERS WITH CAROLINA BARBEQUE SAUCE.

Most Popular Cuts Coming Back in Stock

Misty Lane Farm offers Michigan lamb for sale year round, but we often quickly sell out of the the most popular cuts like lamb steaks, blade chops, shanks, kabob meat, and ground lamb. We will be taking lambs in for processing again after Easter, so check back soon. More of our most popular cuts will be in stock again soon.