Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day 2020!

While we’re all stuck inside because of Coronovirus, and can’t get together to celebrate Earth day, the health crisis reminds us that we are all connected. Our individual choices determine the health of each other and our planet. One of the easiest acts of environmentalism you can make is choosing what you put on your plate. The foods you select for your family each and every day either contribute to the environmental health of the planet, or to increasing pollution.

Eating foods produced close to home, with fewer chemicals, and with sustainable agriculture lowers your carbon footprint, which decreases your contribution to climate change. One of the reasons we started Misty Lane Farm was to provide a local resource of healthy, sustainable pastured lamb. Purchasing local lamb, instead of lamb imported from Australia and New Zealand, lowers your carbon footprint and converts local farms to more earth-friendly crops such as pasture and hay.

How Misty Lane Farm Lamb is a Sustainable Choice

Since 2010, Misty Lane Farm, has converted 49 acres that was in a rotation of conventionally grown corn, soybeans, and wheat, to non GMO pasture, grown without chemicals. We have also maintained the remaining 75+ acres on our two farms in permanent pasture/hay. So that we have enough local, non GMO hay to feed our flocks for winter, we started working with a neighboring farm that converted 88 acres in a rotation of corn, soybeans, and wheat to more sustainable hay.

That’s more than 200 acres not chemically treated, tilled, and planted with GMO crops each year. Instead we use this land to raise healthy pastured, omega rich, lamb!

Misty Lane Farm is centrally located in mid Michigan. We offer home delivery in a 50 mile radius. You can shop directly from our website. Once you place your order, please allow one week for us to arrange delivery. We also sell our lamb through Michigan Farm to Family and at Agricole Farm Stop in Chelsea, Michigan.

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