Lamb Gyro Board – New Take On a Popular Trend

Lamb Gyro Board – New Take On a Popular Trend

A Charcuterie Board with Slices of Boneless Leg of Lamb and Gyro Fixings!

The Lamb Gyro Board is based off of Charcuterie Boards. These boards with a variety of meats, cheeses, dried fruits, and nuts are becoming more and more popular and are a great way to entertain guests this summer now that we can start getting together again after this last year of being cooped up. Just be sure to have single use serving utensils and hand sanitizer at hand for good sanitation.

Create a Conversation Starter

Who says a Charcuterie Board needs to be filled with salty cured meats and heavy cheeses? Try a fresh take on this popular platter with slices of roasted or smoked boneless leg of lamb, a fresh spinach and herb salad, red onion, baby radishes, roasted tomatoes, sliced pita bread, and a garlicky yogurt sauce! Follow this recipe from the American Lamb Board for a scrumptious Lamb Gyro Board that will be a delicious conversation starter at your next get together!

Embellish the Lamb Gyro Board

You could also embellish the board with more Greek treats such as sesame seed crackers, humus, feta cheese, kasseri cheese  Kalamata  olives,  roasted red peppers, authentic Greek pickled vegetables, and even Greek grilled chicken skewers. If your guests haven’t tried lamb, a Lamb Gyro Board with a variety of fixings, is a good way to introduce them to lamb. Even guests who aren’t fans of lamb will find something that they can enjoy with this Greek-themed Charcuterie Board.

Enhance the Experience

Enhance your experience of the Lamb Gyro Board with Greek wines to taste. For example, Xinomavro is a red wine that pairs well with Lamb. If a Xinomavro is hard to find near you, a nice Pinot Noir is also a good choice. Moschofilero is a Greek white wine that pairs well with grilled chicken. If a Moschofilero is difficult to find in your area, select one of your favorite Chardonnays instead. Or, you could even try Ouzo, a Greek distilled spirit made from fermented grapes and flavored with anise. Ouzo may be a little strong for some people, so here’s a recipe for an Ouzo Lemonade that sounds delightful and will dilute the anise flavor of the drink.

For dessert, you could offer sliced watermelon and Greek pastries, including Baklava of course! Whatever you chose to serve on your Lamb Gyro Board, and embellish or enhance it with, the board is bound to be a conversation starter at any celebration. Opómpa!