March Summer

It sure is an interesting time on the farm right now, early for everything. We have pasture growing, sheep shedding, frogs chirping, flowers blooming… Usually all this would be happening much later. In fact, last year warmer weather was late and we didn’t have grass growing until May.

Here’s a picture of our sheep, Teddy and her ewe lamb Pumpkin, shedding already. Pumpkin was born last August and we’ll try breeding her and Teddy for a fall lambing — like mother/like daughter, hopefully!

shedding sheep

Teddy (back) & Pumpkin (front), shedding time.

Since we have pasture growing already, we have thistle and other weeds getting up over the grass in the pregnant ewes paddock. So I tried moving our goat, Rain, in to clean up the weeds there. Normally she’s in the pen with Teddy, Pumpkin and our Jersey Heifer, Lulu.

It was easy enough to move Rain and she seemed to acclimate pretty well to the larger pasture. But, wow, did Lulu have a fit! Lulu mooed and mooed in Rain’s direction. The heifer was pretty upset about losing her goat I guess. So I moved Lulu over and she stopped mooing right away. Happy as could be the goat and the cow started playing… ganging up on the sheep. Doh! They’ll all settle in overnight. And, maybe Rain will earn her keep, so that we won’t have to remove the weeds by hand. Teddy and Pumpkin are probably enjoying the peace and quiet ; )