Spring Lambs, Bunnies and Chicks

Just in time for Easter, we added a baby New Zealand doe meat rabbit to our menagerie this month. She’s a pet, named Vanilla Wafer joining our other pet rabbit named Ginger Snap, he’s another kind of meat rabbit, a Creme d’Argent. The kids are looking forward to breeding them eventually.

With the warm weather the ground hasn’t been frozen and we figured it was safe to plant asparagus crowns. We have wild asparagus growing up and down the lane that we’ve flagged and can gather, but we wanted a more reliable crop as well. We also planted a decorative yellow forsythia bush. We’re trying not to rush things, knowing how unpredictable the weather is this time of year, but we are enjoying digging in the dirt.

Also, we’re looking forward to our lambing season. We should have ewes lambing in a couple of weeks. We like to time our lambs for warmer weather and growing pasture grass. Since we don’t show sheep at the fair in August there is no need to lamb in January like many farms do. But, who knew everything was going to be so extraordinarily early this year? Already the grass is growing, so we’re even more anxious for lambs to arrive. But, there’s no rushing mothers. We’ll have to keep ourselves busy with 50 chicks that are arriving this coming week instead. Babies!