Enjoy Lamb for a Romantic Meal on Valentine’s Day

Enjoy Lamb for a Romantic Meal on Valentine’s Day

February is Lamb Lover’s Month

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While restaurants in Michigan may be opening at 25% capacity by Valentine’s Day, you may still want to stay in and enjoy a romantic dinner at home with the one you love. Lamb may be just the new taste sensation to make your dinner special. Or, perhaps lamb is a favorite indulgence. For an intimate gathering and a fancy plate, French cut lamb chops (or lollies) are stunning and flavorful. Try the lamb recipe below for Valentine’s Day, lamb chops encrusted with fresh herbs.

Date Night Herb Crusted Lamb Chops

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these Wine and Beer Pairings!

And, whether your sweetheart loves a fruity pinot grigio or pilsner, there is a lamb dish that pairs well with those. In fact, different lamb dishes pair well with a variety of white or red wines and porter, stout, lager, or pale ales. The American Lamb Board provides this handy guide to the different wine ad beer pairings that go with lamb. For example, with a hearty lamb stew you may enjoy a chardonnay, Malbec, or brown ale. One of our favorites, braised lamb shanks go well with a Bordeaux or a hearty stout. For spicier lamb dishes, a bold zinfandel or amber ale will stand up well.

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For more recipe ideas, nutritional information, and cooking temperatures, go to AmericanLamb.com. Visit our shop to select just the right cut to make your Valentine’s Day special! With your order during the month of February, you will receive a free recipe booklet!

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