Spring Lamb, Grass-Fed, Order Soon!

Orders due by March 31, 2017.
We have a few lambs available for sale. Order soon and enjoy lamb just in time for Easter or Passover. Lambs this season are $220 for a whole or $110 for a half. Call 517-589-8159 or email us at mistylanefarms@gmail.com to reserve your lamb today. If you would like to pay online, let us know, and we’ll send you an invoice via PayPal. Or, you can pay by check! Please make checks payable to Misty Lane Farm, LLC and mail payments to: 4109 S Williams Road, Stockbridge, MI 4928

Buying Lamb
When purchasing a freezer lamb direct from our farm there are two fees, one to us for the cost of the animal and a separate fee that you pay to the processor for butchering. You will need to specify a custom processor, or we can recommend Jerome’s Country Market. The fee at Jerome’s is $79, for a whole lamb, or $39.50 for a half.
After we receive your payment, we will deliver your lamb to the processor in early April. You will need provide cutting instructions to the processor. When it is ready to be picked up, the processor will call you.

Did You Know…
You can’t find lamb like ours in the store!
Our Katahdin lambs are mild and lean. Customers like our farm-to-table business because our lambs are: