Website Updates

Welcome to our website. We’ve finally updated it with a new recipe. We’ve grown since our last post. We had 6 freezer lambs this year and sold 1 for breeding (rams) and added to our flock (keeping back all the ewes). We lambed five ewes this January, in case our children want to show at the fair. Twelve ewes are due to lamb in May, so we’re expecting 12 freezer lambs to be ready in February 2014. So far, the customer reviews have been really good and we have one sold already! This is all the good news, the bad news is that it’s been a really hard year. Miller logoOur freezer lambs were smaller than expected because of low forage quality, ours are entirely grass fed. And, because of the drought we’ve had to buy hay. We expected the first couple of years to run at a loss, but this has been a bit of a shock. We’re hoping for a great 2013, already our water levels are higher in our pond than last year… so we’ll see. Thanks for visiting!