We’re Taking Orders for Lamb!

Our lamb is mild, lean and grass fed. Order a whole or half lamb for Easter. We only have a few left.

We sell lamb for your freezer, but our supply is limited. So order early! Visit Our Shop: Whole or Half Lambs

Buying Lamb
When purchasing a freezer lamb direct from our farm there are two fees, one to us for your animal and a separate fee that you pay to the processor for butchering. You will need to specify a custom processor, or we can help you select a custom processor.

After you send us a check for $200 for a whole lamb, or $100 for a half lamb, we will call you for any special butchering instructions. Then we will deliver your lamb to the processor, where you pick it up and pay the processor’s fee (approx. $60, depending on the processor you choose).

Why Choose Us?
Our sheep are Katahdin, a hair sheep, with very mild meat. Most people who tell us they “don’t like lamb” enjoy eating Katahdin lamb. The meat is said to be milder tasting because hair sheep have fewer lanolin glands than wooly sheep. Having never raised wooly sheep and not being meat scientists, we don’t know if this is true or not. However, we do think our lamb is the best we’ve ever tasted!

We raise our lambs humanely on a small farm in rural Michigan. We do not dock or castrate the ram lambs that we sell for your freezer. They are never given any antibiotics and are pastured outside with fresh water and access to a barn for shelter. They go to market nearly full grown at 8-10 months of age, but still young enough that they do not have a strong flavor.

Being Katahdins and grass fed, our lambs are lean and on the smaller side approx. 90 lbs live, 50 lbs hanging weight. You can expect approximately approx. 30 lbs. of meat for your freezer from one of our lambs.