Why Sheep were Important to American Independence!

Why Sheep were Important to American Independence!

Did you know sheep were an important part of the colonies becoming a self-sufficient economy? In fact, England tried to protect its monopoly of textiles and prevent sheep from being imported, but the Dutch were able to smuggle some into the colonies. However, when the colonists began exporting wool, England outlawed the wool trade. This restriction, along with the Stamp Act, led to the Revolutionary War!

So, spinning and weaving were considered patriotic acts. And, many of the founding fathers including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson raised sheep. George Washington is credited for being a leader in the improvement of sheep breeds in colonial America.  And, after the war, the numbers of sheep expanded rapidly due to the demand for homegrown textiles.

Sheep were such an important part of the textile industry, they weren’t raised primarily for their protein. This is one reason why, historically in the United States, beef and pork have been more popular than lamb. However, Lamb is becoming more popular in the center of the plate.

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