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Baby Lamb Enjoying the Sun

Baby Lamb Enjoying the Sun

Aren’t they so cute! How can you eat them? This is something we hear often. The word lamb has several meanings. We use that word interchangeably for a small, newborn baby sheep as well as meat from a nearly full-grown animal.

Newborn lambs are SO cute and cuddly and are a huge part of why we love being shepherds. Normally our lambs at birth weight between 8-10 pounds. Shortly after birth they get up and nurse. And, within a few short days they are running, jumping, and playing with other lambs.

Like all babies, they don’t stay that way for long. Just 8-10 short months later they are 90 to 120 lbs and ready for market. They’ve led a good life on our farm with plenty of green grass, fresh air and water, and lots of sunshine. The only supplement they receive is loose mineral, which they have access to free choice.

Any sheep under one year of age is still called a “lamb”. And, as long as our sheep, Katahdin hair sheep, are processed before one year of age, their meat is still tender and mild. Our lamb, being grass-fed and grass-finished, is lean and high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Lamb meat is fresh tasting and heartier than beef.