Winter/Spring 2014 Lambing

Lambing has begun. It is so nice to see bouncy little buggers in the barn again. We have approx. 30 ewes due from February through the end of May, with three to four weeks between each monthly due date. So, we’ll just have to keep checking for new babies all through spring.


shortcake and twins

Shortcake and twins, one ram and one ewe lamb.

We’ve started lambing off with each ewe having nice-sized twins. So far we have four ram lambs and two ewe lambs born. Some sheep look ready to pop any time. I thought for sure this ewe would go first, but we’re still waiting on her. She looks very uncomfortable!

pregnant ewe

Poor mama looks so uncomfortable.

This is Teddy’s fourth lambing. This ewe is such a fantastic mama. She’s had two sets of twins and two sets of triplets. Shortcake (picture above) is her daughter and this is shortcake’s second lambing with twins. We’re lucky enough to have another daughter from Teddy, Pumpkin who is a consistent twinner too. Pumpkin has given us three ewe lambs, lambing twice last year and is due to lamb again in May. We love Teddy’s line!

teddy twins

Teddy, one of our Matriarchs and her 2014 Twins.

Another nice line is the one that Moosie comes from. Consistent twinners are her mother Muffy and her grandmother Patches. Muffy is due any day. Moosie’s down line includes another ewe due this spring and now this bitty baby. Maddy’s a bit on the small side, but still healthy. Her brother is quite a bit bigger.

Moosie and her twins

Twins can be so different! The ewe lamb, Maddy looks just like her mom. The white ram lamb looks like dad.